Need a new washing machine?
Money tight?
Rental from only £4 per week

Why rent?
Peace of mind

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Peace of mind

Eventually every washer will break down. However we aim to replace any broken or faulty machines within 48 hours giving you complete peace of mind.

Fast Service

Serving the Yorkshire and Lancashire regions, We will install your new machine to your existing plumbing free of charge. We have a wide range of machines stored in our warehouse that can be delivered to your door within 24 hours. Evening and weekends are also available for those who have busy schedules.

Minimum Hassle Contract

12 Month Contract for all our machines. If you wish to end the cotract early simply forfeit your deposit and we will happily collect the machine and terminate the contract.

Simple Payments

Minimum deposit of £20 required along with the first months rent and then monthly or weekly payments taken by direct debit. We dont require a credit check only proof of ID at the delivery address, along with a signed contract and direct debit form.

Why premier?

Local. Professional. Full inclusive service

- Free Repairs
- Free Replacements
- Free Delivery
- Free Installation
- Fast Service
- Minimum Hassle Contract
- No Credit Check

Areas Covered

Barnsley, Batley, Blackburn, Bolton, Bradford, Burnley, Bury, Dewsbury, Doncaster, Halifax, Huddersfield, Keighley, Leeds, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Rotherham, Sheffield, Todmorden and Wakefield


Our Prices
A quick rundown

Each unit requires a minimum £20 deposit

Call or text: 07849 054658

Washing machines

8kg or under
Rental from £4 per week
£16 per month

Rental from £5 per week
£20 per month

Tumble dryers

Rental from £4 per week
£16 per month

Condensing dryer
Rental from £4 per week
£16 per month

Fridge Freezers

Rental from £5 per week
£20 per month

Dependent on size
and function

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